Dusting things off

I’m going to give my blog one more go.

Photo: Greene River Trail, June 4, 2017

Photo: Greene River Trail, January 2, 2017

Long Live Dead Trees

I recently came across two articles that help to illustrate that printed books have not yet met their demise.

Photo: Breakfast Frittata Sandwich

Photo: Good morning, Pittsburgh

Photo: Good Morning.

So You Want People to Know They Can Scroll Your Website

I’m getting kind of annoyed at sites that—because of how they were designed and built—feel the need to tell me that I can scroll the page.

Desktop-Only Content: Can We Just Fix This Already?

It’s 2016. How can we still have websites that won’t let you view their content on “mobile” devices?

MyFitnessPal and Owning Your Own Data

The MyFitnessPal app has introduced a premium feature that I feel should be standard.

Web Design Day 2016

I got the chance to attend my fifth Web Design Day in Pittsburgh. Here’s a rundown of what I learned.

Testing Posting Things from My Site

Does this work?

A New Chapter

Today I celebrated not only my birthday, but also being given the opportunity to take the next step in my career.

Quick Thoughts: Link Text

How do I choose the text to represent a link on a webpage? Here’s a rundown of my thought process.

Let’s Encrypt and Dreamhost

The Let’s Encrypt initiative has made creating and installing an SSL certificate for your site pretty painless. The new integration with the Dreamhost Panel makes it absurdly simple.

Using HTML Description Lists

I wanted to write a little bit about what I’ve discovered about the

tag recently.

Holiday Reading: Thing Explainer and Designing for Touch

There was a stack of wonderful books waiting for me under the Christmas tree. I give my thoughts on two: Thing Explainer and Designing for Touch.

How Cool is Content Modeling?

I muse a little about the concept of content modeling, as I understand it.

Saying Goodbye to This Is My Jam

Mourning the impending death of This Is My Jam, and making plans to continue the tradition here on my own site.