Desktop-Only Content: Can We Just Fix This Already?

I have a friend who competed in the Ironman competition in Lake Placid yesterday. Saturday, I wanted to check out the Ironman website, assuming that there would be some kind of tracker that allowed me to watch Luke’s progress. Using my iPad, I went to the Ironman website and found Luke’s profile. Awesome, I thought.

Yesterday, while eating breakfast, I thought I would check in to see when the race started, or—if it had already begun—get a clue as to how Luke was doing. Seeing as I still had his Ironman profile page up on my iPad and both my iOS devices are connected through iCloud, I pulled the page up on my iPhone. I got this:

iPhone screenshot of the Ironman website, telling me “You’re off the course!” and that the “content isn’t available on mobile.”

Not only am I prevented from viewing the content that I came to the website to view, I am made out to be the one who is at fault. I am the butt of the joke. Not the website who is locking visitors out of content because of the apparent class of devices being used on said site.

It’s . Can we fix this, please? There should never be a situation where a content website tries to determine for me what device is appropriate to view a page.

If you need help fixing this, I can’t recommend the work Karen McGrane has put out on this subject. In fact, she gave a great talk at Web Design Day this year concerning this topic. Here’s a link to a version of the same talk she gave at An Event Apart. Please watch it, learn from it, and fix your websites.