Saying Goodbye to This Is My Jam

Just like the many users of the site, I was really bummed to learn that This Is My Jam was planning on shutting down:

This Is My Jam will become a read-only time capsule on September 26, 2015. This means you won’t be able to post anymore, but you’ll be able to browse a new archive version of the site.

“Jam Preserves”

For those who may not know, the concept behind This Is My Jam was simple: once a week, users chose a song. That song could have been an earworm or just a recently discovered tune that the person enjoys. (For me, it was always a healthy mixture of both.) The user would input the song name and artist, and This Is My Jam would return a set of YouTube, SoundCloud, or other online media embeds to choose from. Add a little styling, the optional note about the song, and just like that the song was posted to the user’s profile. The user’s ubiquitous social stream would allow for liking (loving), sharing, and conversing about the tune amongst other users. It was a really cool environment for music lovers of all types.

I used the site more for a challenge of coming up with new jams every week, and less so on utilizing the social aspects This Is My Jam provided. Now that the site is on it’s deathbed, I regret not doing more on it. That said, what little socializing I did through the app I feel like I will miss (although I have since signed-up for, a site with a similar premise).

Preserving My Own Jams

There are a few good positive things to come as a result of This Is My Jam shutting down:

  1. They are keeping the site in a read-only, archive mode. Meaning, for the time being, all of the site’s user history will be preserved.
  2. The site is going to be making it easy for users to export the data from their accounts. This Is My Jam has always had API capabilities for those who wanted to take advantage of them.

I had always had the intention of doing a little POSSE here on my personal site, once I got things rolling and the basics down pat. I saw myself posting my jam to my own site first, then utilizing the Jam API and syndicating that out (which would then syndicate out to Facebook and Twitter).

Alas, that never happened. But now that This Is My Jam is going away, I have even more incentive to get this setup working. I can still challenge myself to come up with a new song each week, and now I’ll have the added bonus of keeping control over that data seemingly forever and never have to rely on a service that could go away.

So that’s another goal of this site. I want to export my jams from This Is My Jam, restore them to a new section of this site, then allow for new selections to continue my streak of jamming. Stay tuned.